and meet our Jack Russell Terriers . You can find here also information about our show and feeding  achievements.




You can find our small kennel in a charming region of the famous  Czech writer Karolina Světlá under the  dominated feature of this region, the mountain Ještěd. The landscape around our house and station is an ideal place for walking with our dogs and we always  enjoy it very much.


We are the owners of 2 amazing Lady Dogs called Gina and Rowdy and 2 amazing boys called Bonaparte and BonBon. They enriched and still  have been enriching our lives and they form an inseparable part of our family.   They live together with us in our house and we are almost all time in a close contact with them. We try to provide them everything they need and  we do our best to make them happy. They feel that and love us as only an  animal can love a man.


This small, adorable, lively and an incredibly clever and cheerful  dog exceeded all our expectations. We can recommend it to everybody who  looks for a splendid fellow that  can nestle close to you after a wonderful together enjoyed day. We can recommend it warmly to everybody who has enough free time to spend it walking and playing. This dog does not like to be alone and hates boredom,so it is not  suitable for extremely busy people.